Google Marketing Platform

Google’s Marketing Platform product family contains many of the world’s leading applications for digital business development.

Google Marketing Platform Auditoinnit

Audits and strategy

By conducting Google Analytics audits we ensure that the data produced by the analytics supports our client’s business goals. Based on the audit we create a strategy that we utilize in tracking the client’s analytics, creating digital marketing measures and measuring their results.

Google Analytics 360

Google Analytics implementations

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that enables the tracking of visitor traffic across different channels, devices and platforms. With the help of Google Analytics we are able to draft customized reports for our clients and produce client-specific additional value and measurable results.

Google Tag Manager 360

Tag management

As the name suggests, Google Tag Manager is a tag management platform that easily integrates with the systems that we use to track website visitors. With Google Tag Manager we are able to provide in-depth analysis of visitor behavior, optimize website functionality and produce effective digital marketing measures utilizing ad networks.

Google Data Studio

Data visualization with Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio helps us parse information in formats that are useful and interesting for the client. With Data Studio we are able to tailor automated reports for our clients that enable consistent data monitoring and measuring the results against the set goals.

Google Data Studio

Testing and personalization

Google Optimize is a tool that allows us to conduct various tests on the website (A/B testing, conversion optimization) and through this testing we can find the options that best serve our client’s goals. This tool allows us to improve the user experience of our client’s website or grow the conversion rate of their web-store, for example.

Google Marketing Platform Koulutus


We work in close and open cooperation with our clients. As part of our projects we also train our clients to conduct more effective digital marketing and utilize Google’s solutions in their own marketing efforts.