Kiva Analytics saves your analytics data

Kiva Analytics is a GDPR-compliant analytics application that collects and stores visitor data regardless of the user’s cookie settings.

Why Kiva Analytics?

It is mandatory* to ask users to consent to cookies. This includes cookies used for website tracking such as Google Analytics. As many as 50 % of page visitors may deny use of analytics related cookies. Due to this fact, data analysis is neither reliable nor comparable to what it used to be.

Kiva Analytics is a streamlined solution for collecting benchmark data that is not affected by consent management. Data of Kiva Analytics can be accessed via the Google Analytics user interface.

Kiva Analytics data can be used to fill in data gaps that are inevitably left in understanding the online business when all regular data collection of Google Analytics is now consensual.

Data collection is highly customizable within the boundaries set by the GDPR.

* If your website is based in the European Union (EU), or if a citizen based in the EU may interact with your site, you’re required to have a Cookie Policy according to the law.

Google Analytics 4 versus Kiva Analytics
Kiva Analytics tracking

How does Kiva Analytics work?

Kiva Analytics is easy to install on the website.

Kiva Analytics collects pre-defined raw data, anonymises it and creates a cookie-free identifier for the user.

Anonymous data can be viewed in the Google Analytics user interface (UA and GA4)

GA data and Kiva Analytics data are both shown in Google Analytics (in separate properties) Both data can be combined using e.g. Looker.

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the data collected with Kiva Analytics?

The customer owns their data and decides on its use.

Can Kiva use it for its own business purposes?

No. As a standard practice, Kiva is not allowed to use data for purposes other than those specified by the customer.

Once the data appears in Google Analytics, doesn’t it then go to Google?

Yes, but the collected data does not contain any identifying information, i.e. it cannot be linked to individuals.

If we don’t want to use Google services at all, is Kiva Analytics the answer?

No. The data model of Google Analytics is also needed.

If we at some point want to terminate our cooperation with Kiva, what happens to Kiva Analytics?

You can continue using Kiva Analytics with a separate contract.

Can we sign up only for Kiva Analytics service from Kiva?

Yes. This is entirely possible.


Kiva Analytics license

249 €/mo


950 €

Installation includes:

Installation of Kiva Analytics.
Kiva Analytics and Google Analytics migration project *1

*1 In the migration project, after the installation of Kiva Analytics, Kiva defines the events, result goals, etc., from the current Google Analytics, more precise analytics information Kiva Analytics must enter into Google Analytics.