Content Marketing

Content marketing brings more visitors to your website, creates leads and ultimately more sales.

At Kiva, we produce impressive content that is driven by data and that aims to realize your content strategy. Measurable goals are always defined for the content, and reaching them is actively monitored.

Kiva’s Approach to Content Marketing

We always produce content based on a content strategy, which is based on the company’s strategy and lives in parallel with the marketing strategy. We go into content marketing point by point, but holistically and long-term, with the goal of creating genuine business value.

From us, you get top experts in analytics and marketing automation as a partner for content marketing, as well as access to the entire digital marketing channel package. With this combination, we can achieve great synergies.


Why Choose Kiva as a Content Marketing Partner?

  1. Content marketing always starts from a content strategy. We want to understand your business so that we can define the goals of the content as a team and commit to them.
  2. Content production is organized. We produce a content calendar together with you, which serves as the backbone of the work, but which is flexible if necessary.
  3. Our content production choices are guided by data and analytics, which we actively monitor, and which our customers also have access to, instead of by mere words.
  4. We focus on results in content marketing. We are self-initiated and independent in our work.
  5. Customer satisfaction and the high quality of content are matters of the heart to us.
  6. Our operating model is agile and flexible, and it scales according to the client’s results and growth.
  7. The expertise of the entire organization is available to the content marketing consultants. If necessary, you can get all digital business services from us.

Examples of Content Marketing

We use, among other things, these content formats:

  1. Search engine optimized blog texts and articles
  2. Search engine optimized homepages and webpages
  3. Social media contents
  4. Native articles
  5. Newsletters

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is marketing with goal-oriented content, such as text and images. With the help of content marketing, value is created by guiding, entertaining or engaging. With it, the company can become a “regarded expert” in its own field, an opinion leader and achieve considerable growth in both visibility and results.

Success in content marketing requires a professional writer, an understanding of data and analytics, and a comprehensive understanding of digital media. In addition, goal-oriented content marketing requires commitment and planning, in other words: time. Do you need help and insight to implement impressive content?

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