Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, you harness technologies to your advantage, streamline your marketing and implement your strategy.

With marketing automation, you manage your processes effectively: for example, you can generate leads, make segments and automate your digital campaigns. With Kiva, valuable data is constantly collected from your activities, with which you learn new things about your target groups and channels.

Accuracy and Results With Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an excellent way to make marketing more efficient. It can save time and resources – and at the same time often improve results. With marketing automation, you can see how your target groups behave online. This information can be used to send personalized and targeted marketing messages. Accurate data can also serve as the basis for account-based marketing, a certain type of key customer marketing, where the most important customers are identified and individualized marketing measures are planned for them.

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Marketing Automation in a Nutshell

  • Marketing automation is an essential part of the company’s strategy implementation in practice
  • The purpose of marketing automation is to create a long-term customer dialogue
  • Marketing automation should be thought of as an enabler
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Marketing Automation Is More Than the Chosen Technologies

When talking about marketing automation, the conversation often turns to the selection and utilization of different marketing technologies. However, when properly understood, marketing automation is much more than technology. It includes segmentation and analysis work, as well as synchronizing content production to selected channels and target groups. It is strategic action, not just operational execution.

By approaching marketing automation as a comprehensive concept, not just as a technology, it is possible to achieve set long-term goals, such as:

  1. Recognizes new ways of doing familiar things
  2. Identify new ways of doing new things
  3. Create efficiency by automating tasks and processes
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markkinoinnin automaatio

Top Marketing Automation Consultants From Kivalta

We are our customers’ strategic, technology-independent partner for the development of data-driven marketing and sales. What does that mean in practice?

  1. We have not partnered with suppliers, so we approach technologies objectively
  2. We approach different technologies specifically through what they enable for our customers
  3. Our own technical know-how makes it possible to implement planned efforts

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