Tech Development Solutions

At Kiva, we see marketing, technology, and development as a combination. Our developers and architects have extensive experience in e-commerce, website and application development, data engineering, and data science.

How do we do it?

We don’t have a separate technology department. Instead, our tech people work in mixed teams with the client product owners and marketing consultants. This creates a synergy by which both marketing and business development are brought into the core of the development and vice versa.

Our developers have a data and marketing mindset, enabling them to create solutions that consider the business side of things. They also have the luxury of being able to closely consult our marketing people to ensure they make decisions that are also effective from that perspective.

To evolve existing solutions to the next level, our digital marketers work with our tech people as enablers of growth hacking and conversion optimization.

Examples from our toolbox

Online channel development

Our developers and architects have comprehensive experience of creating front ends and mobile applications, utilizing various underlying technologies.

Kiva’s difference from other tech companies is our understanding of business. Instead of just implementing things, our developers think about every solution from a data gathering, measurement, and business point of view.

Speeding up your internal development

All of our developers are experienced consultants, familiar with modern development methodologies, and are also highly skilled in multiple technologies and languages. As a result, they are ideally placed to complement your internal development team.

Building effective data pipelines

There are many pipeline challenges relating, for example, to moving data between systems, gathering the necessary data from different sources into a single place, and even just making sure that the data is correct. Our team has implemented dozens of system integrations and created pipelines through which data can be cleaned and processed for different purposes.