B2C Solutions

We are among the most experienced B2C sales and lead generation companies in the region. This is where we generate millions of sales euros every week for our clients. We proudly serve the biggest Nordic companies with data, marketing, and technology development.

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Webinar: SEO 2022 – Mitä hakukoneissa tapahtuu?

Miika Kivisto, Senior Consultant & Digital Marketing

How do we do it?

A data-driven mindset, high quality data, and advanced analytics and technologies are vital for modern digital businesses to succeed. Scalable results and ongoing positive business development are just not possible without all of these elements working together.

Traffic volumes and opportunities are so massive that AI, and specifically machine learning, are required to automatically separate the good clicks from the bad, even before they happen.

Our team works seamlessly with stakeholders in IT, sales, marketing, and digital business to find competitive advantages and create unique, profitable, and scalable solutions.

Examples from our toolbox

Privacy-safe growth

The modern consumer cares deeply about privacy, and so should you. We take it profoundly seriously and help our clients grow in a future-proof, privacy-safe way. Capitalizing on your first-party data is crucial. Without it, you would lose the backbone of your future digital development activities.

Data-driven upselling strategies

Selling to existing customers is more effective than finding new ones. Increasing share of wallet increases customer lifetime value and reduces churn; customers who buy more than once are generally more loyal to the brand. We unify your first-party data and develop meaningful customer segmentation for your upselling and cross-selling purposes. The segments can be used to create personalized experiences through, for example, customized site ads and marketing automation.

Reducing customer churn

Through modeling and audience segmentation, we take a proactive approach to churn prevention. We use machine learning to reveal why certain customer groups have a higher churn risk, and when we understand this risk, we can plan accordingly. Appropriate content, marketing, and personalization all help prevent churn.

Maximize the synergies between brand and tactical campaigns

We help you to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time on a commercial scale. We build consideration and find new potential customers. We nurture leads, capture the created demand, and grow your customer base.