E-commerce Solutions

We combine unparalleled strategy and execution to unlock e-commerce sales and help generate more revenue for our clients. Success requires a comprehensive approach, a holistic mindset, and proven ways of working. We help you develop and multiply your revenue with marketing, data, and technology solutions.

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Webinar: Feed-pohjainen tuotemainonta – kasvata verkkokaupan tuloksellisuutta

Mikko Pylkkänen, Senior Consultant & SEM Lead

How do we do it?

We help you understand the customer journey using trendspotting, deep analytics, and market segmentation. We predict marketing outcomes, such as lifetime value and sales demand, and we personalize the customer experience with the help of data-driven segmentation and specification.

We reclaim your siloed data and combine vital sources into meaningful insights that drive business decisions. We collect, transform, analyze, and visualize your data for activation in different marketing channels. We make predictions and forecast future steps in the customer journey using AI and machine learning. Ultimately, we optimize and personalize the shopping experience to grow your customers and your revenue.

Examples from our toolbox

Robust customer segmentation

With our AI and machine learning capabilities, we can group site visitors into different segments. This intelligent audience analysis allows us to optimize marketing activities, reduce unprofitable media spend, and increase investment where there is more potential business growth.

Creativity and machine learning working together

Creative excellence is increasingly important for driving success. We help our clients find as much of their broadest commercial audience as efficiently as possible. We identify the unconvinced and help change their minds, and we locate more direct sales opportunities.

Get a 20% discount on Google Shopping Ads

Kiva’s Comparison Shopping Services enables our clients to buy Google Shopping Ads without Google margins and at a 20% reduction. This directly generates more bang for your buck and cost effectiveness, and, with the help of our optimization services, we can improve benefits and sales even further.

Emails and recommendations powered by Google’s machine learning

Adding personalization and intelligence to emails and product recommendations generates more revenue. Using Google’s recommendation engine, built on the same machine learning algorithms as in Youtube and Google search, we can promote the products and services your customers are most likely to buy.