The Kiva Team

Kiva employs 15 experts of digital marketing and online business operations. They are analysts, digital marketing specialists, strategy consultants and pioneers of the field. We work directly with our clients using our unbeatable Kiva model that is sure to produce results regardless of the person. Get to know our team below or ask us for more on our model.

Björn Henriksen

Head of Digital Marketing

Eveliina Paunonen


Henna Purmonen

Senior Consultant

Janne Ikola

Head of Content and Strategy

Jenny Lohiniva

Content Marketing Producer

Juhani Wallenius

Senior Consultant

Kati Mäkinen

Financial Coordinator

Maija Etokari

Digital Marketing Consultant

Maria Winberg


Henri Rantanen

Senior Measurement Consultant

Sami Laakkonen

Senior Consultant

Sami Nuutinen

Digital Marketing Consultant

Tommi Paasiaho


Tuomas Jalkanen

Senior Consultant

Wille Lönnström

Senior Consultant

Would you like to join our team?

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