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We at Kiva see marketing, technology and development combined. Our developers and architects have extensive background on e-commerce, website development, application development, data engineering and data science.

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Webinaari: Verkkokaupan myynti kasvuun

Mika Hirvikorpi CTO, PhD

How do we do it?

We help our customers understand the customer journey with the use of trendspotting, deep analytics and customer segmentation. We predict the marketing outcomes such as lifetime value and sales demand. On top of that we personalise the customer experience with the help of data-driven segmentation and personalization.

We reclaim your siloed data and combine vital data sources into meaningful insights that drive business decisions. We collect, transform, analyse and visualise your data & use it for activation in different marketing channels. We make predictions and forecast future steps along the customer journey using AI and machine learning. Ultimately we optimise and personalize the shopping experience to grow your customers and revenue.

Articles form our specialists

Webinaari: Verkkokaupan myynti kasvuun

Mika Hirvikorpi - Teknologia - 29.11.2021

Examples from our toolbox

Robust customer segmentation

With our capabilities in AI and machine learning, we can group visitors into different segments. With the help of smart audiences we can optimise marketing activities and reduce unprofitable media spend and increase spending where there is more business potential growth.

Creativity and machine learning work together

Creativity and creative excellencce are increasingly important for driving success. We help our customers find more of their broadest commercial audience as efficiently as possible, find the unconvinced and help change their mind, and to find more direct sales opportunities.

Get 20% discount from your Google Shopping ads media costs

Kiva’s Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) enables our customers to buy Google Shopping ads at a 20% lower price (widthout Google margins). This directly generates cost-effectiveness and more band for the buck. With help of our optimization services, we can improve benefits and sales form Google Shopping ads even further.

Google Machine Learning powered emails and recommendations

Adding personalization and intelligence to emails and product recommendations, helps generate more revenue. Using Google’s machine learning powered recommendation engine (same algorithms as Google uses in Youtube and Google searches) we can prompte products and services your customers are most likely to buy.