Exceptional quality with unmatched customer experience

Kiva is a data, marketing, and technology partner for the data-driven companies of tomorrow. We help you stay ahead in an increasingly complex digital business.

3y growth

Why Kiva?

Our founders have shaped the digital growth industry since 2003, when they founded one of the first digital marketing & analytics companies in Finland. In 2017, when they established Kiva, they thought digital growth consulting as a business had not developed much since its early days. Sure, there were countless new products and trends, but clients still struggled with the fundamental issues:

Do our agencies deliver actual value, and what are we paying for?
Are we focusing on the right things and staying ahead of the competition?

Therefore, our founders decided to launch Kiva, whose mission was to deliver exceptional quality with unmatched customer experience. The primary focus would be to exceed customer expectations every day, and we’ve been building on this mission ever since.

Our Core Beliefs

Man with
Success in digital business requires human insight and unparalleled technology and data capabilities; one cannot thrive without another. We like to call this “Man with Machine.”
Collaboration and
We do not believe in complex processes or bureaucracy, but that collaboration and transparency throughout our organization and with our clients are crucial to success. We work together, and we win together. Together we are unbeatable.
Quality and
Customer Experience
Running a digital consultancy is similar to managing a sports team; it starts with a game plan and strategy for winning. We then need the best players, but, more crucially, we need the best team players in every position to put that strategy into effect.

Our Toolbox

Digital Marketing

The amazingly talented people who work at Kiva master a toolbox of technologies to keep you ahead of the curve.


Data Science & Predictive Analytics; Web Analytics; Data Warehouses; Data Visualization; and Conversion Optimization

Technology & Cloud Marketing

Full Stack Development for mobile, web, and backend; Cloud Services; Machine Learning; and AI

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