We want people to succeed, both professionally and personally

Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality with unmatched customer experience. We need great team players to fulfil this aim, but, above all, we need them to thrive. Our culture is supportive, collaborative, and kind. So join us and be you.

Our Mission

Exceptional quality with unmatched customer experience

It’s easy to agree with our mission statement, but it’s another story to actually achieve it. Customer experience and quality are about much more than having the best consultants and providing proactive service.

It’s a combination of skill, teamwork, and communication. It’s about doing things differently and, perhaps most significantly, building our ways of working to ensure success. We develop our entire culture around this approach.

Our Vision

An employee and top-talent owned international growth company

Our vision reflects the kind of company we want Kiva to be in the future. It guides us and reminds us of our direction.

Every employee has the chance to become a partner at Kiva. We look for people who can contribute to our mission, vision, values, and culture.

Internationality means greater diversity and more points of view for all of us to experience and explore. It also provides further career opportunities.

Growth is a result of doing things right; it cannot be forced. It is a tool that helps us to provide better benefits and value for our partner program and more secure employment and career opportunities. That’s why we want to keep growing.

Our Values

Respect, pride and curiosity

Respect is the basis for trust. It gives us the courage to do right.

We respect our colleagues, our customers, and our work, and being respectful creates an environment for successful teamwork and client relationships.

We must be proud when we succeed and win with our clients, but being proud does not mean being arrogant.

If we want to be proud of ourselves, we must first be proud of the people we work with – our customers and teammates. We must be humble and strive towards our mission of exceptional quality and unmatched customer experience.

Curiosity is the key to personal growth and development. We must challenge ourselves and our clients to learn new approaches and question the status quo. We will not stay ahead in the increasingly complex world of digital business without fundamental curiosity.

Our Core Beliefs

Man with
Success in digital business requires human insight and unparalleled technology and data capabilities; one cannot thrive without another. We like to call this “Man with Machine.”
Collaboration and
We do not believe in complex processes or bureaucracy, but that collaboration and transparency throughout our organization and with our clients are crucial to success. We work together, and we win together. Together we are unbeatable.
Quality and
Customer Experience
Running a digital consultancy is similar to managing a sports team; it starts with a game plan and strategy for winning. We then need the best players, but, more crucially, we need the best team players in every position to put that strategy into effect.

Key figures

3y growth