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At Kiva, analytics is an enabler of all goal-oriented activities and growth

Web analytics is a powerful tool that helps you understand your customers better, optimize the user experience and performance of your service as well as measure the success of your marketing campaigns. When you harness web analytics, you stop guessing and put your valuable resources in the right places.

Web Analytics Support Wise Decision-Making

In order to be successful in utilizing web analytics, you need to understand what information it can provide. Web analytics tells how users act on a website or application: which pages they load; how long they stay in them; what links and buttons they press; what forms they submit – and more. You can see how users interact with your online service. You can make informed decisions about how best to reach and serve your existing and new customers.

Web analytics reveal areas of your online service or content that have room for improvement. With the help of analytics, you can also monitor the success of your marketing campaigns and determine which channels promote sales or generate leads most effectively. With this information, you can focus your efforts on the channels that generate the most revenue.


Why Choose Kiva as Your Analytics Partner?

Analytics is at the center of Kiva’s operations. Whether it’s search engine marketing, content production, website development or any other service, all of our operations stem from analytics.

We look at analytics with the See-Think-Do-Care – marketing model. This is how it is structured into a whole that guides the activity.

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Recover Data From Your Own Online Services

The data collection of web analytics has been in transition in recent years as data protection issues have come to the fore. The choice of tracking technology and data collection settings must be made carefully and with respect for individuals’ data protection.

Kiva’s experienced experts help in setting up and modifying the tracking. We support several tracking technologies, the most common of which is Google Analytics and its latest version GA4.

We respect data protection and also serve in setting and editing cookie management.

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Kiva Analytics

Kiva Analytics is a cookie-free analytics system developed by Kiva, the purpose of which is to generate supplementary data about those users who do not give permission for cookies.

Kiva Analytics is built in accordance with regulations in such a way that it cannot track or profile users, and therefore cannot target them with, for example, marketing communications.

Kiva Analytics is based on Google Analytics data models. In the future, when the use of third-party cookies in targeted advertising is completely abandoned, the importance of data collected from the use of own services will increase. Are you already collecting it?

Not Just Data Collection, but Also Its Utilization

A huge amount of data has been collected about online behavior and is still being collected as you read this. Collecting is a prerequisite for being able to put the information to work. The information produced by analytics is above all feedback to digital marketing and service developers about the success of the work. And without feedback, improvements do not happen.

Although the interpretation of web analytics requires experience, modern data visualization tools are a great help here. They make it easy to share the same snapshot to different target groups, present the information in an understandable structure and take into account the characteristics of your own digital services. At Kiva, we always prepare reports in such a way that data interpretation is easy. You can also get services from us for BigQuery-based Google Analytics 4 data visualizations.

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