Programmatic Buying

Reach your target group in a cost-effective and highly automated manner without additional intermediaries.

Through programmatic buying, ad screens can be precisely targeted to specific audiences and sites. Changing advertising in real time is possible, which makes it very agile. At Kiva, programmatic buying is based on data and continuous measurement. By learning and optimizing, we can get excellent results.

Kiva’s Approach to Programmatic Buying

We always start the planning of programmatic buying from the customer’s business goals. Is the goal to create awareness for the brand or to get direct results? Both goals can be achieved effectively with programmatic buying. However, different programmatic buying strategies, advertising materials and target audiences are needed to reach the goals.

At Kiva, in programmatic buying we emphasize multi-channel buying, comprehensive buying of advertising space, and data controllability, for example using the customer’s own 1st party data. Cheap screens alone are usually not enough, we also need advertising screens with a high attention value in the country’s number one media platforms. In this way, the ad is transmitted in high-quality advertising places safely and recognition increases.

In addition to programmatic buying, you get from us top experts in analytics, search engine advertising and organic search engine visibility. By combining these with programmatic buying, we create an effective digital marketing entity, the different areas of which support each other.

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Why Choose Kiva as a Programmatic Buying Partner?

  1. Programmatic buying starts with planning. Which advertising spots do we want to buy and from which channels or media? What promotional materials do we have? What is our goal for programmatic buying? An understanding of the business serves as the basis for defining the target audiences of programmatic buying.
  2. Programmatic buying is iterative. We do advertising sprints and evaluate the results from the data, as well as iterate improvement proposals for the next sprints.
  3. The Dashboard helps us to evaluate the results and continuously develop the operation, which allows us to see exactly how the ads and target audiences are performing. Our customers also have access to this Dashboard. We are transparent in our operations and involve our customers. We want to develop the business forward together.
  4. Our operating model is flexible and agile. The operation is scaled based on the customer’s results and growth.
  5. The know-how of the entire organization is available to programmatic buying consultants. If necessary, you can get all services from us to develop your digital business.
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Types of Programmatic Buying

  1. Banner advertising
  2. Video advertising
  3. Native advertising
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What Is Programmatic Buying?

Programmatic buying refers to digital advertising spots; such as banners, videos and native ads; buying online through a digital marketplace. Programmatic buying is a way to buy digital advertising inventory in real time. With programmatic buying, you reach your target audience in safe online advertising places in a cost-effective manner.

Programmatic buying requires technology know-how, an understanding of how to reach target audiences with the help of an automation tool, and an understanding of digital media places and advertising spaces. In addition, programmatic buying requires planning of advertising and the production of the advertising materials themselves. At Kiva, we can help you with all questions related to programmatic buying.

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