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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is more than adding keywords to websites

Kiva’s Search Engine Optimization consultants help you reach your potential customers and grow your business.

Get the Technology Right for Search Engines

The starting point of continuous seo work is to first check the technical implementation of the site, so that the contents of the website can be found by search engines.

In addition to content indexing, technical changes also affect the site’s loading speed and usability. Speed optimization helps the entire site and improves the customer experience for all page visitors.

Changes in optimization therefore improve the effectiveness of all marketing channels.

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List of the Most Important Technical SEO Optimizations

  • Site speed: Site speed is one of the most important technical features as it directly affects user experience and search engine visibility. Search engines value fast sites, so site speed should be optimized as well as possible.
  • Security and reliability: SSL certificate guarantees the security of the site and encrypts the data flow between the user and the site. Search engines value an SSL certificate on websites where purchases are made or requests for offers and personal information are sent, for example.
  • Mobile-first design: More than half of all website users use mobile devices, so the mobile-friendliness of the site is important both in terms of user experience and search engine visibility. Mobile-first design means that the site is primarily designed for mobile devices.
  • URL structure: A clear and logical URL structure makes site navigation easy for both the user and search engines. The URL structure should be clear, informative and contain keywords with which you want to increase traffic.
  • Internal linking of the site: Internal linking means adding links between different pages of the site. Internal linking helps users navigate the site and helps search engines understand the structure and ranking of the site. Are the most important conversions brought by your page in the navigation and optimized for the right search terms?
  • Meta data optimization: Technical optimization means optimizing the site’s code and ensuring that it is displayed correctly in search engines. Technical optimization includes, for example, the site’s header data, meta data, image alt tags, schema data and other technical server settings.
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SEO Friendly Content on Pages and Content Marketing

How does the content respond to the user’s search?

With the help of a search engine, you want an answer to your own question. If the applicant does not find an answer among the search results, you make a new, more detailed search with other search words. The content of the website must match this search term made by the user.

Since people are creative and come up with hundreds of new searches every day, high-quality and versatile content is of great importance in increasing search engine traffic. Search engines evaluate the importance and quality of the content with the user’s search term.

The better the content of the site corresponds to the user’s search, the higher the site’s search engine visibility can increase. In addition to producing good and informative content, the goal of optimization is to get the visitor to achieve the desired goal on the pages. Often this goal is to sell a service or product to the visitor, but it can also be building the company’s brand or creating thought leadership.

Before the company can sell a product to a new visitor, trust must be built between the company and the customer. This can happen, for example, to ask the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter in which the company sends important and current content from its own field.

Kiva’s continuous Search Engine Optimization service also takes into account what the site visitor does after arriving at the site. For us, it is not enough that the site rises in the search results and gets more traffic.

Search engine visitors must grow and support the company’s business.

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This Can Be Achieved in Various Ways Such As:

  • Attractive and informative content: The content must be interesting and informative enough for the visitor to spend time on the site. High-quality and informative contents also help the site rank higher in search results.
  • Clear and attractive CTA: The page should have a clear Call-to-Action (CTA) element that encourages visitors to take the desired action, such as subscribing to a newsletter or requesting more information about a service.
  • User-friendly interface: The user interface must be easy to use and user-friendly so that visitors can easily navigate the site and find the information they are looking for. Linking to detailed articles plays an important role here.
  • Fast loading time: Page loading time is a very important factor in visitor engagement on the site. Long loading times can lead to visitors leaving the site and weaken the site’s search engine visibility.
  • Search engine optimized content: The website content must be search engine optimized so that search engines can index the content of the page and place it higher in the search results. Do you know what search terms your customers use? Kiva’s keyword research and competitor analysis will help here.

What Else Is Search Engine Optimization?

Optimization does not end only with the search engine optimization of your own page. There are several results in the search results, which can be influenced by optimizing other company pages and profiles as well.

The search results are also constantly diversifying and the user is offered different results in addition to traditional text links.

Videos are now common in search results and are shown on YouTube as well as on Facebook pages. It is important to know which search terms will result in video listings in the search results, so that they can be optimized and visibility can also be monitored on pages other than the company’s own page.

At the same time, you should remember that video platforms also contain their own search engines. YouTube has become the second most popular search engine after Google, so optimizing your own videos is an important part of comprehensive SEO.

Companies can also publish texts in many other media and these are also often indexed by search engines. Regarding the texts published on other pages, it is important that they do not damage the visibility of the texts published on your own page.

Google and other search engines always want to display individual content, so publishing the same text on another site can completely prevent the company’s own pages from appearing in search engines.

Search engine optimization therefore affects people other than just those doing marketing within the company.

Workshops and training have been a good way to get other people the most important information that everyone needs to know about search engine optimization.

If SEO training interests you, you should ask for more information. We have organized SEO workshops, e.g. for content producers, those in charge of communications and PR, editors, technical coders, recruiters and even the management team.

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