Enterprise level digital marketing and analytics

Succeeding in digital business is becoming more and more complex every year. We help our clients to develop and multiply the revenue from their digital services.


Good can become excellent with data-driven decision making and understanding of the client’s behavior

Digital advertising

We are exceptionally experienced in providing demanding digital marketing solutions. Clients typically turn to us when the basics won’t cut it anymore.


SEO and discoverability

We can ensure that your company is found online and on search engines.

Digital marketing strategy

Your current level of maturity and business goals are the starting points of our strategy.


Data driven content marketing

We believe in data driven, impactful content

Marketing automation

We will find the best ways to utilize your marketing automation.

Kiva in numbers

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Get to know our staff

Kiva employs a couple of dozen online business experts. Our team contains pioneers of the field, strategy consultants and specialists of analytics, conversion optimization, programmatic advertising and search term advertising.

We always work in close cooperation with our clients using our unbeatable Kiva model.

Google Marketing Platform

Google’s Marketing Platform is at the core of our services and this product family contains many of the world’s leading applications for digital business development.

Our team has already been working with Google applications for 15 years. Our consultants are the holders of some of the world’s first Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications.