Kiva is a workplace that is easy to be proud of. We work professionally but not too seriously. Kiva employs the top talent and young up-and-comers of the field. If you wish to develop yourself with Finland’s most experienced specialists, or if you are one – apply for a job with us.

A workplace for people

Thanks to our working model you can complete your day’s work within regular hours without need for overtime. When we work professionally, we can also go home in time. We want our staff to also have a life outside of work.

Gazing forwards

We do not hire people just as a resource. Both parties must benefit. The employee must have an interesting job description and a development path that supports their personal expertise so that the employer can receive a committed expert.

We do not run a temp service

We do not hire people and then transfer them permanently to the client. Of course, working at the client’s premises is part of the work, but each of our consultants also plays an important role at the office. This allows us to share information and create a shared culture.


Kiva holds training sessions on a weekly basis. With us you will be able to learn from your colleagues and also teach others.

Great workmates

Our staff consists of a wide spectrum of great people, including musicians, photographers, inventors and gamers. All Kiva folk share the notion that we do not employ (or tolerate) egomaniacs.

The Kiva model

We work according to our own Kiva model that provides us with a clear framework and the tools to succeed. Beyond that you will be able to independently choose the work methods and processes that best suit you.

Job openings

    Open application

    Did you not find a job opening that suits you? Send an open application to us.

    We read all applications and respond to every applicant.